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17.01-30-06 bal film school
06.02-19.02 47-2
07.10-31.07 visual worlds

fii an danse incò vierje

essay film co-directed with Léa Laforest – ongoing

Road-movie towards Chaos – an unstable ground that will offer our bodies their forgotten weight before the opposite frequencies of the digging machines resonate – Fii an danse incò vierje progresses through mountainous faults in search of a dance spot.
In this area, the inhabitants have been harvesting orchids in the shape of clogs for generations, whose bewitching virtues allow them to dance for several days and nights. However, for the past twenty years, decrees have closed off areas and prohibited the collection of the orchid, which now serves as a banner for conservation policies that align themselves with capital.

camir & lidar

installation – 2022

A laser and an infrared camera are facing each other. The light hits the sensor, creating a reflection which reveals both of their qualities.

under watch species

performance – 2021

The performance explores issues of alienation and feminine oppression through the lens of objective viewpoint. The two entities involved are a blinded submissive body and a 360 camera, which create a juxtaposition between human vulnerability and technological power. The durational aspect amplifies the feelings of exhaustion and entrapment.