manon maës
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17.01-30-06 bal film school
06.02-19.02 47-2
07.10-31.07 visual worlds

cypripedium calceolus

essay film co-directed with Léa Laforest – ongoing

The film takes place in a bioregional preserve and its adjacent area, where the successive collapses of the main mount are documented since the Middle Age through multiple narratives.  It is a geological film which probes cavities and interstices.

camir & lidar

installation – 2022

A laser and an infrared camera are facing each other. The light hits the sensor, creating a reflection which reveals both of their qualities.

under watch species

performance – 2021

The artist, dressed with a synthetic second skin suit and a 360 video camera are entangled in a domination intercourse.  The camera records the scene, leaving no room for a possible off-screen. The submitted body crawls and draws repeatedly the limits of the field of view of the camera, during its autonomy duration. Each iteration is charged with new micro gestures of exhaustion. The camera image is projected in the performance space, shifting the sovereign gaze to the audience.